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Computer Repair, Networking, Training, Home Theater, Smart Home, and more.
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Business Support

Tech support & consultations for local small businesses.

Home Networking

Say goodbye to crappy WiFi

Your network is what powers everything in your home, so it should be fast and secure. Stop putting up with slow speeds, dropped connections, and poor WiFi coverage!

I offer professional networking installation for your home or business, so you can spend your time on what matters most.

Computer Repair

The computer doctor is in.

I offer full service computer repair including hardware upgrades, backups, data migrations, software updates, printer problems, malware removal, and I can even make shopping recommendations if you're looking to purchase a new machine.

Mobile Devices

Need help with your phone or tablet?

No problem! I can handle everything from troubleshooting, syncing contacts and photos, replacing cracked screens or batteries, and I can even assist with switching carriers or reviewing your wireless bill to see if I can save you money.

Password Management

Struggling with password overload? You're not alone!

The average person has 100 passwords. Many people end up using the same password for everything, leaving them extremely vulnerable to online attacks. The best thing you can do is use strong, unique passwords for each account, but then it can be a nightmare to keep track of them.

I can help you get setup with a good password manager which can keep track of all your passwords, sync them between devices securely, and even fill them in for you.


Personal Training

Get 1-on-1 personalized training for anything from your new smart phone, to specialized software like Adobe Photoshop, or even how to build your own computer.


Tech Consultations

I can analyze your current network, devices, software, and security practices, in order to help you be better optimized and more secure in your home or business.


Data Destruction

Getting rid of old electronic devices and concerned about the data they contain? I can securely erase old hard drives in compliance with DoD 5220.22-M standard.


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Home Theater

Streamline your movie watching experience

I can help modernize and simplify your home theater experience, whether that means help you cut the cord by switching to streaming, upgrade your equipment, simplify your remote(s), or wall-mount your TV.

Smart Home & Security

Feel comfortable and safe in your home

I can help choose and implement the right smart home products for you to get the most out of your home and feel secure. This includes things like robot vacuums, smart lights, motorized shades, multi-room speakers, smart door locks, and even professionally installed security camera systems.

So imagine you have these tiny problems with a laptop. Nobody was interested in helping with the issues we had. Computer runs hot. A key is missing from the keyboard. And we simply could not get the most recent version of Windows 10 to load. A perfect trifecta of inside the computer, outside the computer and software. Well we found Manzanita Tech. Liam responded promptly, came to our house for pick up, communicated well during the process and then brought it back to us. He fixed 2 of our 3 problems. WAIT WAIT there is more. He told us he would be willing to fix the third but it would just save us a lot of money if we tried on our own. Then he provide links on how to do the repair. This is the kind of service we should enjoy everywhere—but we don’t. Lucky for us Liam and Manzanita Tech are right here in our community.

Ross B.

Manzanita, OR

I'm a senior and I find most technology utterly baffling. I bought a smart TV and wanted to have access to alternative programs apart from cable TV programs. A friend recommended Liam at Manzanita Tech. So I e-mailed Liam and made an appointment with him. On the appointed date and time, Liam arrived at my home in Nehalem. He was very polite and wore a mask through the entire session. He set up an array of networks I was interested in and showed me how to subscribe and stream broadcasts using the remote that came with the TV. There were several movies that I had been wanting to see, and with the pandemic, going to a theater is impossible. My late husband was from Scotland and I have been watching the Outlander series and frankly am now addicted (in a good way) to it. When Liam was finished with the setup, he told me to not hesitate to call with future questions. I found his rates to be very affordable too. All in all, it was a pleasurable experience and I highly recommend Manzanita Tech and Liam for excellent, friendly service with technical issues.

Kate J.

Nehalem, OR

Hi Liam, thanks so much for fixing our printer and internet system. The thank you card was so nice. You were very available and accommodating with scheduling our appointments. Your recommendation to use 1password was extremely helpful and we would not have attempted to set it up without your help. It is a great password system. You were very knowledgable and efficient and your rates were reasonable.

Dianne B.

Nehalem, OR

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